My First Art Opening

The painting continues...time is moving quickly these days...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Sky

So I added more texture and color to the sky of the "Lost Tracks" painting. The two bright spots at the top are from my lighting in the studio. The paint is very wet and is reflecting a lot of light, plus my studio lighting set-up is not great.
I think that the new color and texture helps to enhance the perspective and helps to unify the look of the painting. Getting the brush strokes to move through the power lines is tough and is something that I will need to work on. Still, not too bad.
I continue to work on my photography of the work. The previous image in t his post was taken in my basement with two 100 watt lamps, but the color was wrong and there was a lot of glare at the top of the painting.
The image above is a repost and was taken outside with the previous camera. The color is good and the light is ok. It is best to see them in person, of course.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Loosen up

The following three pieces are still wet. With these, I hope to get a showing at a local cafe or eatery and put them up for sale.

This 24" x 24" industrial scene goes back to what I started last summer. I like the Industrial landscapes for their chaotic geometries and unpredictable color and light. This vista was an image that I had filed away, but rediscovered. It is probably my favorite painting so far, and my latest. I may do some retouching of the sky, but I want it to sit for a while.
I used a canvas from a previous abstract that I was not happy with. Traces of the older painting can be found if one looks closely. You won't see it in this image, but traces are there.
I tried very hard to keep loose and let the brush strokes show with this one. I exaggerated the colors to give a colorful spirit to the painting. This feels like a turning point for me.

The following two paintings are small 8" x 10" paintings. Sometimes, I find the backs of buildings to be more interesting than the front.
Again, I tried to stay loose. In the water tower painting (the last image below), I left some of the iron oxide under painting to show through. This gives a nice layering, which I need to do more of.