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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Loosen up

The following three pieces are still wet. With these, I hope to get a showing at a local cafe or eatery and put them up for sale.

This 24" x 24" industrial scene goes back to what I started last summer. I like the Industrial landscapes for their chaotic geometries and unpredictable color and light. This vista was an image that I had filed away, but rediscovered. It is probably my favorite painting so far, and my latest. I may do some retouching of the sky, but I want it to sit for a while.
I used a canvas from a previous abstract that I was not happy with. Traces of the older painting can be found if one looks closely. You won't see it in this image, but traces are there.
I tried very hard to keep loose and let the brush strokes show with this one. I exaggerated the colors to give a colorful spirit to the painting. This feels like a turning point for me.

The following two paintings are small 8" x 10" paintings. Sometimes, I find the backs of buildings to be more interesting than the front.
Again, I tried to stay loose. In the water tower painting (the last image below), I left some of the iron oxide under painting to show through. This gives a nice layering, which I need to do more of.

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