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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marysville 4 Under-painting

I keep wanting to get the Maarysville Series Finished.
While the need to finish is looming, I don't feel any less excited about the paintings.
Each one has it's own little story to tell.
This one, of a junction box has a mystery to it. To me the image says something about the complexity of things that lie beneath the skin. It is a deconstruction of sorts.
The majority of the painting will be grays and pay yellow browns, but the wires around the switch panel will be many colors. I hope to exagerate the subtle color that I see in the existing images.
While there is a story here, I also hope the painting has a graphic, patterened quality, with the potential for abstration and random geometries.
Or, it's just a grungy, funky painting of a messed up electrical panel, which would be ok too.

Number 5 is under construction and is in the pencil stage right now, so there is hope that I will finish the series within a month.

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