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Friday, May 22, 2009

Art as decoration

This is a 3D Studio (computer) rendering showing a 8' x 12' sculptural painting for an office building lobby. We sometimes design big walls for art only to find that the client does not necessarily want to spend $20,000 for a large art piece to put there. It seems like there is an opportunity to make art for these kinds of spaces without breaking the bank. I came up with this concept of different size canvases with superimposed geometry. I feel like I could do it for $3000 and make a profit. Artists and gallery owners who sell large scale work will probably frown on this kind of thing, but maybe there is some room for me to get in the door. It can't hurt to try to use my architectural connections to sell my art.
To make this image, I used an existing model of the space. The idea for the piece was sketched on yellow tracing paper and scanned into the computer. I made 3d objects of the canvases in the 3d program and added the image of the sketch on top, which is called mapping. While the sketch was done with colored pencil, it approximates the look of a hand painted image.
How do I feel about art as decoration? Art is decoration for most people, on the surface anyway. The fact that they want to spend their hard earned cash on a custom piece says something and if they want it to match their what.
It would be nice if there were more of a dialogue between the architect and the artist. Having an artist make a piece for a space makes a lot of sense to me and seems to make it less of decoration and more of an intervention. It has more meaning perhaps with respect to the architecture.

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