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The painting continues...time is moving quickly these days...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The following set of four 18" x24" paintings are for sale.
I hope to get them up in a coffee shop in Portland and sell them for $150 to $200.
Most cafes that want to hang your work seem to want at least eight paintings, so I am working on a few more.
I think these are good explorations, but not where I ultimately want to be with the work.  If I want to sell these, I probably shouldn't admit this.
I am learning a lot from each painting that I create, which is a good thing.
The two foggy paintings are very subdued and cold and don't have the depth or color that I was seeing in the real scene.  There are bits that work for me, such as the glazing that is starting to happen.   Still, I need to work harder at creating depth and color in these (see Monet in London for his foggy work).
The "cranes" I like, but the perspective is a bit off and there is no energy.   It is an interesting moment in Portland's landscape.
My favorite is the "sunrise".  I like the colors and the different geometries in the scene.  The contrast is good.  I think that the view of Mt. Hood and the city are fighting for attention, which I'm not sure is a good thing.
The next paintings after these will attempt to focus more closely on urban scenes and I hope to start bringing the human figure into the work.

Portland Fog I

Portland Fog II

Building Portland

Portland Sunrise over Mt. Hood

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