My First Art Opening

The painting continues...time is moving quickly these days...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Knowing when to put the brush down

It seems like the best paintings are the ones that seem to have gone down easily with just the right amount of paint strokes.
You may here artists and critics talking about a painting that has been "overworked". This is not usually a compliment. This means that too much paint has been applied and it is obvious that the painter struggled. I am still working on staying relaxed and letting the paint go down easy.
Some artists make it look easy because they have the ability to move through the painting quickly and confidently. This comes from many many years of painting.
I feel like this painting went down fairly easy and I kept the brushwork to a minimum.


  1. I miss this painting being around already. The use of color was fantastic. The big fluffy sky reminds me of the kind of summer day you love. I will imagine us on a motorcycle ride and checking out what is on the other side of the bridge. Dinner without the kids!!!

  2. You know that I am married, but I do appreciate the amore'.
    Thanks sexy...