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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saved One

Most paintings have an ugly phase, which is just part of the process. I'm sure this is what scares many people off from painting and is almost as bad as the blank canvas. The painting above was in a state of ugly that stumped me for a while. It was sitting in my basement studio in plain sight. I left it there to torment me and force me to, at some point, finish it.
I finally got into it again this weekend and finished it up. While it isn't the best, I think it is out of it's ugly phase.
The refurbishment of the old Pioneer Courthouse cupola intrigued me because they had this white covering over the facade while they did the work.
One of the things that was troubling me was the building in the background. At first, I painted building with all the windows. It stole attention from the cupola, so I decided to paint over it. Bits of the background building can be seen in the painting, which is just enough to give a context to the courthouse roof.
The light in the scene is from an early morning sun. The contrast is subtle and the painting could have been helped by darker shadows. Contrast is important in paintings and it is something I look for in subject matter, but don't always get.

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