My First Art Opening

The painting continues...time is moving quickly these days...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to that abstract

I look at this painting every time I watch TV. I should be painting instead of watching the TV but I am generally too tired in the evening to do any artwork.
This is the third time that I have retouched this painting and it is still not right. Abstract work is very hard I think, but I do want to do more of it.
Hopefully there are some ideas for the cityscapes that will influence abstract stuff for me in the future.


  1. LOVE this painting, Steve!!!

    -Jen Lein

  2. Jen,

    Thanks. This painting has changed again. I will post a photo as soon as I get my camera batteries charged.
    I am hoping to do more abstract paintings at some point.

  3. I'd offer to buy it, but I probably couldnt afford it. Plus, it looks as though this one is in the Korbich Permanent Collection. :)