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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Yellow Streetcar

I like this one a lot. I wanted to do something with some bright color and this scene seemed like a good choice. It is one of the larger ones at 30" x40" and I have been loving looking at it. It will be tough to see go, but I hope to sell it at some point.
The part I am having trouble with is the dark area at the center left. The oil paint is predictable in it's color, but the sheen can change quite a bit as it dries. When the paint gets dull it is referred to as having "sunk". This is especially noticeable up close. I need to do a little research and see if I can get the shine back to these areas.
I think I did a good job with all the reflections on the street car. I was curious if I would be able to make the glass feel like glass but was pleased with the result. I debated whether or not to put in the sun highlight (the white shine at the upper left of the car) but am glad that I did as it adds to the realism.
It was a very busy weekend and I have to thank my wife (she gave me the whole weekend to paint!) and kids for putting up with me. I must have put in at least twelve hours Saturday and Sunday.
I was able to finish this large painting and start two smaller paintings.


  1. You should be proud of this one Steve! The motion of the car is especially appropriate. You handled the surfaces on the car nicely. In addition to the windshield, I think the side and lower reflected lights are convincing. I can imagine a number of potential buyers. It would be great to see it in a public venue.

  2. Thanks Dave. I do feel good about this one. It will definitely be at the show in March. Hopefully I will have the sunken areas figured out by then.

  3. Steve:
    I was reading recently that umbers in underlayers tend to cause this. The suggestion was to get the darks using other pigments.

  4. Dave,

    I think that you are right about the umbers.
    I have had some success in rubbing walnut oil into the dark areas.
    I had trouble with a newer painting as well and decided to use more dark blues over the black, which helped too.