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Friday, February 26, 2010


I had the chance to visit the Portland Art Museum the other day to see the new exhibit Disquieted.
This is a great collection of works from the past few decades which is trying to reflect the mood of our times. I think it works.
There is a wide variety of mediums, including video. Some are calling it disturbing, but it is more like the title implies "Disquiting". There is a simering angst to a lot of the work, but a lot of humor too. I have seen much more disturbing artwork and this show seemed to have the right amount of punch, but is not overly gut wrenching. Good stuff.
Experiencing the show really got me tuned in to things. when I left the museum my senses were hyper aware and it was as if the whole of downtown Portland became an art instalation. Very cool feeling.
Please check out the exhibit.

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