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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Portland Cityscape

This is a 30x40 canvas. Getting this under painting worked out required 4 to 6 hours of pencil time and 4 hours of painting. This is a morning scene which will have lots of contrast when I get going on the color. I hope to keep the sky beyond more or less white with an overexposed feel. I painted in the sky in white to see what I might get out of it.
There is a lot of nice color in this scene.
It is easy to get overwhelmed with the level of detail, especially when working from a photograph. I have to keep backing up and squinting to make sure I get the major elements to read. I like to contrast the light and dark and give detail to things that pop in the image. Since there are no people in the image (can't believe this was actually the case, but it was) I will add detail in the signs to give some scale.

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