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The painting continues...time is moving quickly these days...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I can paint better than you!

Ok, I have had a few beers, but these are pretty good.  These are the continuation of the previous blog entry.
I really like the lighting in the first painting of the street scene.  I used deep violets for the shadows and gray violets for the clouds.  This use of color in the darker areas has been working well for me.
I have been keeping on my painting schedule for the past month or so since I have been relieved of my work duties.
If I could make a living as an artist, I think that I would try to do it.
You may know this already, but artists don't make much money. There are a lot of really good artists in Portland and very few make a real living.  If they are, they either have a significant other who helps pay the bills or they have a day job teaching or slinging lattes.  In my case, I will hopefully be doing some great small architecture projects with my wife.

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