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Thursday, May 3, 2012

More painting starts

I am very excited about these next two paintings.  The first is of a ship at the Willamette and I was happy to see how the composition came out in the tonal study.  This is an 18" x 18" on canvas.
River Ship
My daughter talked me into doing this painting of a row of california style homes in SE Portland.  It is a larger (36" x 36") painting and the light and darks work well.  There is a lot of sky, which will be tricky to paint around the power lines.  I did my usual 4x4 grid to lay things out and made a goof early on.  If you click on the image and see it enlarged, you will see ghost lines above the house at the right.  I started painting it in the wrong place.  It just goes to show that no matter how many times you do stuff, there is always the chance to mess up.  Bigger paintings can amplify this potential for error.  I rubbed some mineral spirits on the goof and just kept painting.
Pink Houses

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