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Friday, April 3, 2009

Painting Fog

Monet painted this view of the Waterloo bridge in the fog. Obviously, he is a master and knew how to represent the light and colors he was seeing in the scene. The purples, blues, pinks and even some yellow swirl in and melt. He must have exaggerated what he was seeing and emphasized the color. As I worked on the paintings below, I needed to look through the gray to the abundant colors in my views.

I have a great view of Portland from my office architecture downtown. There are some spectacular mornings and I was especially intrigued by a foggy morning where there was some blue sky visible.
There are many colors in a sunrise like this and I experimented with layering and glazing to try to get the feel of it.
I think I almost got it...

Portland Fog I

Portland Fog I Detail

Portland Fog II

Portland Fog II Detail

These are for sale and if you like the cool, melancholy Portland winters then you will like these.

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