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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ahhh, more room

So, I am still painting in my basement, but I now have a little more room.
I had been working out here next to my painting set-up and it was always crowded.
The washing machines used to be right at my back and when we did laundry, I was in the way.
I think it was a blessing in disguise when my seven year old elliptical trainer broke. Initially, I was determined to fix the thing, even thinking that I could weld it. I struggled with the machine for a while, but could not even get at the broken steel tube that had broken and decided that enough was enough (I had just welded another piece on it about two months ago).
I sat there, defeated and decided that it would be a good time to get the exercise routine out of the basement. As it turned out, a gym membership is cheap at a place down the street from my office
downtown and I had been thinking that I would like to get back to a
I think that this will be a good change.

I worked down in my "new" studio today and was happy with the set up. I still need to work on my lighting, but having more space to stand back and look at the painting from a distance is good.

The blue painting is just the start of a fourth painting in my holiday gift collection. The color of the background is quite the opposite of the brick color of the wall and it will be cool to see how it works out. Again, the perspective on these is very important so I did take a lot of time to lay out the scene.
The photo that I am working from has a tree top in the lower right hand of the scene as well as some rainbow flags. I decided to not paint these in.
Jen says the flags represent the gay folks and this is one of the gay districts of Portland
. I am certainly not excluding the flags from the scene for any anti-gay reason, only aesthetic reasons.

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