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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dreaming of a new studio

Working in the basement of my house is practical and costs nothing. It is cramped, I share space with the washer and dryer, work bench, exercise equipment and numerous spiders.
The image above is not my studio, unfortunately. This is an artist studio designed by Le Corbusier for a client. This is how my dream studio would look like. A spacious, double high space with lots of light and a ladder going up to a sleeping mezzanine.
Below is a design for a back yard studio at my house. The idea was to create something that would not require a permit. It is also designed to optimize material use and is something that I could build myself for around $3000. The reality is that my wife and I could both use studio space at the house. I have been thinking that we should double the size of the studio so can both work together.
This may happen sooner than later.

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