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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Man of Steel

The painting is almost done. This one has been a real challenge and I feel a little beat up by it. What remains is some possible additions of highlights, probably pure titanium white. It is a larger painting, 32 inches by 42" and the painting needs someplace to breath. I will let the beast dry for a week or so and touch it up if I feel like I need to.
I ride my bike across this bridge every day, so I notice things. It is very black, but if you look closely at it there is a lot of color. There are redish rust spots, bird droppings, spray paint, all kinds of stuff. The black seems like a warmer black, which makes it look pinkish in spots.
This is the most macho of the Portland bridges.

The next painting will either be another version of the Steel or an industrial scene which I have been wanting to paint. Stay tuned...

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