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Friday, September 25, 2009

Steel Bridge Part II

I just put the final touches on this painting last night. I had painted in a fella walking on the tracks, but he was too big (out of scale) and was more distracting than helpful, so I painted him out of the scene. I do think that something may have helped to bring more of a scale to the bridge, but I like the contrast of the structure and the background. I think that at 32" x 44", this is the largest painting that I have done to date.

Here is a little bit of detail. This is where I feel like I am starting to venture into the abstract. While the image is clearly of a bridge, the potential for further abstraction is clear. Oh, so many ideas are popping into my head now! I need to pursue the use of these vignettes to make other paintings.


  1. Steel sensation!! I can't wait to hang this one.
    your #1 fans ~ Marieka & Matt

  2. Thanks Marieka,
    Make sure you use extra strong hooks for this one, it is heavy!

  3. Congratulations, Steve, on the completed project. Very nice. The bridge is quite "believable" and the composition is strong. The subtle lightening of value in the west tower helps the perspective and gives atmosphere.

    You also have a happy patron.

  4. Thanks Dave,
    The "down by the river" one is coming along.