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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to the Steel Bridge

This is a new painting of the Steel bridge. I was not sure about the composition, but I am very excited about the way it is roughing out. I like that the bridge dominates the canvas, and at 32" x 44" it is a big one.
I need to add more detail and block in the background. After this I will put in the sky and water.
The layout on this one did take many hours, but I think that I have things in the right proportion and perspective, which is a relief.
The image that I am working from has some tree leaves in the foreground, but I don't think it needs a foreground. Any thoughts?


  1. Steve: I think that a background with enough definition (not refined--but enough suggestion for creating a space for the bridge) would overcome the need for any foreground. A sense of the water's surface is essential and then perhaps consider an element on or near the bridge to bring home the scale.

    The track level seems to not be fully expressed--not enough of a plane. Perhaps a refinement there and possibly an element like a bum on the tracks or an engine to achieve that scale. It appears that you chose to leave out the pedestrian walkway. Of course it is an "add-on" and not part of the bridge design.


  2. Dave:

    Thanks for the feedback. I have started the background and am getting things to work. I should paint a guy walking on the tracks because I did see someone doing that and was wondering why, to get in a painting, of course.
    There is more detail in the track area, but it does not show. A train going across would have been cool and more people. A boat on the river?
    In my next batch of smaller paintings I am hoping to be at street level with all kinds of people.

  3. You could make a career out of a thing like the steel bridge. A boat would have to be a pretty simple form--perhaps a tug--otherwise seems like it might compete. Years ago, when I worked in the Blagen Block and walked in that area I would frequently see people walking the track across the bridge. Enjoy.