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Sunday, May 16, 2010

After the fire III

Here is the third painting in the Marysville Series.
I hope to have five paintings in this series.
Why five? I think that to get a real feel for the extent of the damage and I need to tell a story from a number of vantage points.
The more I work on these, the more depth they seem to have, for me at least.
As I have said before, these paintings are about hope.
The scenes are also an architects dreamscape. How often do you get to see a building like this with no roof and blue skies above. The fire has forced a deconstruction of the structure to reveal something new?
The main subject of this painting is, obviously, the door. The red color, which is somewhat exagerated is a bright and lively object in an otherwise drab scene. It is open slightly which gives a sense of longing to kno what is beyond or that something is about to be revealed.
I am excited to see the series together.

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