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Monday, May 3, 2010

Marysville Dreams

The School fire at Marysville school was devistating, but there is hope.
My experience with the building after the fire moved me to capture a moment in time that will not be seen again.
Since this vist, the plaster has been removed and the historic woodwork and plaster has been warehoused for future use in a new building.
I was hoping that my architecture office would be hired to do the remodel and expansion of the school, but this was not to be. Perhaps this will make these images even more memorable.
It would be nice to have the planned series of five hung on the walls of the school in the future. Perhaps an art purchase by the project? Perhaps a donation by the artist. We will see.
I think the image above is the centerpiece of the series as it shows something that evokes hope and rebirth (the trees reaching towards the sky).
I have the next in the series sitting on my easle to taunt me.

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