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Friday, September 14, 2012

Small Paintings

I have to admit that doing these small paintings is not my favorite thing.  They seem to take more time than I want and I find that I don't like working small as much as I like working big.  I also can't sell them for as much as the big paintings.

I really procrastinated working on these, but managed to get myself motivated enough to finish these four little guys.

This first 6" x 6" is on a wood panel and is my favorite.  I was working from a photo and had to take liberties to get the scene right.  I removed some blue mats (not sure what they were) and a few of the tomato plants at the right to show more of the tree and have less clutter.  The focus flows between the yard debris container, the bucket and the tree, which is good.  The sense of the late afternoon light is what I wanted it to be.

This next one is an 8" x 8" on canvas.  This is one where the photo is perhaps better that the original.  It verges on being too dark, but works.
 You see these blue bins all over the place.  This 6" x 6" is my second favorite or is tied with the first one above.  The balance of light and dark is just right I think.  I almost removed the white waste basket at the lower left, but like that it seems to be having a dialogue with the recycling bid.
 The last one is an 8" x 8" on canvas and my daughter said that it would be funny if there was a dog peeing on the fire hydrant.

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