My First Art Opening

The painting continues...time is moving quickly these days...

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I was able to work outside today.  The daylight is amazing compared to my dungeon of a studio.  I dream of a day when I can work in a daylight filled studio with large doors that can open to an outdoor deck.
My family took me to the art store today, but I did not buy anything.  I would like to get another easel to use outside.
I promised myself that I would not spend any more money on art stuff until I sell some paintings.  I could make an easel, but that takes time, time I could be painting.

People ask me how I do the layout for the paintings.  Many assume that I project a photograph on to the canvas, but I don't.  I use a grid and transfer information from a photograph.  I don't have a projector and I have this idea that by doing the transfer the way that I do can give a little looser feel and it forces me to make decisions about what stays and what goes.

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