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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ok,  I'm going to get political again.  I just finished "The War", a documentary about WWII.  If you though that you knew about the war, then you should see this.  It is an exhaustive account of the war, with commentary from soldiers and survivors.  It was truly moving.  If you are easily upset by graphic accounts of war, then you may want to pass on this.  The images are from actual footage of the war, in all its beauty and horror.  Ken Burns puts his famous panned still image thing on the production, but it is so much more.  Having the actual veterans talking about their experience was emotional for me.

This is a seven part series and it is long.  Each chapter is about two hours.  It is gut wrenching and graphic.  I have never seen so many dead bodies in my life.  You really get a feeling for what the GI's went through.
Those of us who did not live through it have no idea what the country went through.  Even 911, as awful as it was, pales in comparison to the sacrifices of WWII.

It is hard to believe that we were able to take on the task of fighting a war on two fronts and win, yet can't figure out how to take care of the less fortunate or how to educate our children.  We have the people and we have the resources.  We can do it.

With that said,  I do think that the series is an incredible piece of art.  The combination of the still images, film and interview footage was brilliant.  Yes, it does go on and on, but you get the whole picture.  Ken Burns and Lynn Novick constructed the series around four american towns, which helps ground the work.  It is a great series and is worth the time.

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